Services Offered

John White Alexander, Anna Palmer Draper, 1888, oil on canvas.

Acquisition and Deaccession Advisory Services

With an expansive industry network inclusive of both public and private markets, we are positioned to strategically advocate for our clients in all aspects of artwork acquisition and deaccession.

  • Client representation at private sales and auctions
  • Collection deaccession strategies
  • Advisory and appraisal services
  • Negotiation of bilateral and multi-lateral transactions
Sanford Robinson Gifford, Kauterskill Falls, 1862, oil on canvas.

Collection Management

Specializing in comprehensive registrarial support, we provide real-time management of inventory to streamline administration of our clients’ collections and grow the value of their artwork.

  • Framing and pedestal consultation and fabrication
  • Identifying and placing strategic short- and long-term loans
  • Strategies for insurance and inventory management
  • Professional, publication-quality photography
  • Conservation and restoration referrals
Joan Miró, Constellations, 1959, lithograph


We are committed to providing full-service handling and logistics support, working with a range of specialists to ensure that our clients’ collections are handled safely and presented beautifully.

  • Art handling, packing, shipping, storage, and installation
  • Home staging services
  • Artwork lighting consultations and treatments
  • Manage and oversee offsite storage of artwork
Alice Dalton Brown, The Aegean, 2009, oil on canvas.


With dedicated research personnel and access to field and market resources, we offer comprehensive analyses and reporting for both potential acquisitions and works in existing collections.

  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses of historical and contemporary market trends
  • Authentication research and referrals, including foundation and catalogue raisonné registration
  • Confirmation of artwork provenance and exhibition history
  • Tailored art-historical scholarship and critical essay writing
  • Access to publication databases and institutional archives